24 May 2018

Bashkimi on Wednesday night wrote the story after winning the first championship title.


Bashkimi in the "Sezai Surroi" gym in Prizren had the support of about 2500 viewers and managed to defeat Sigal Prishtina in the fourth play-off match of the IP Super League of Kosovo and thus was adorned with the title of the champion.


The meeting ended with a score of 77:61 (18:18, 21:21, 15:14, 23: 8). From the first to the fourth quarter an equal struggle was developed, while in the fourth quarter were the hosts who dominated the parquet and thus scored a victory, which also brought the title of the champion, the first in the history of the club.


In this match at Bashkimithe most deserved was Mikaile Tmusic with 17 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists, Aaron Moss with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 12 assists, Altin Morina with 16 points and 2 rebounds and Urim Zenelaj with 11 points and 10 rebounds.


On the other hand Sigal Prishtina the most efficient were Filip Bundovic with 24 points and 9 rebounds and Valon Bunjaku with 9 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists.


The silver medals for the sub-championship, Sigal Prishtina, were shared by the Vice President of KBF, Shaqir Totaj and board member Valdet Spahija, while gold medals for the champion Bashkimi were shared by KBF Board member Valton Bilalli and secretary General of MCYS, Veton Firzi.


Arben Fetahu the Chairman of KBF handed the trophy over to the captain of the wining team, Qendrim Biraj.


Kosovo Champions until today:


1999/2000 Trepça

2000/2001 Trepça

2001/2002 Prishtina

2002/2003 Prishtina

2003/2004 Dukagjini

2004/2005 Mabetex

2005/2006 Prishtina

2006/2007 Prishtina

2007/2008 Prishtina

2008/2009 Prishtina

2009/2010 Prishtina

2010/2011 Prishtina

2011/2012 Trepça

2012/2013  Peja

2013/2014 Prishtina

2014/2015 Prishtina

2015/2016 Prishtina

 2016/2017 Prishtina

2017/2018 Bashkimi